The nervous system is one of the most fragile components of human anatomy. A medical condition that might affect this structure can permanently change your life. The aspect that makes neurological disorders so frightening is that they can affect several areas of your body, such as the brain, the muscle nerves or the spinal cord.

The traditional methods of curing neurological disorders include physiotherapy, pain killers or lifestyle modifications among others. However, the latest medical breakthroughs have brought a high number of innovative treatments that can prevent and remedy several conditions that affect the nervous system.

Early cures for Alzheimer’s disease

One of the medical conditions that affect more and more people every year is Alzheimer’s disease. This illness damages the patient’s nervous system, and it harms his thinking capacity, as well as the ability to create and store new memories. Unfortunately, doctors can diagnose this disease only after it had settled in, and the lack of a definitive treatment may lead to dementia.

Recently, the medical field has come up with a new series of experimental drugs and biomarkers that can determine a person’s predisposition to Alzheimer’s disease. By finding the first signs of this ailment, doctors could prevent it from spreading, and even cure it up to the point where it no longer damages the nervous system.

Stem cell therapy

The slow but steady degeneration of cells in the human brain leads to medical conditions that affect us at an older age. Illnesses like Parkinson’s disease, sclerosis, and dementia can severely affect a person’s judgment and mental capacity. Fortunately, doctors have a plan to treat these ailments in the future by using stem cell therapy.

Scientists have discovered that once our bodies lose the ability to produce new cells in various organs, the only way to regenerate this process is by transplanting new cells, which in turn can multiply through mitosis. This treatment has already been used to treat minor forms of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases, and doctors hope that more illnesses will be easy to cure shortly with the help of stem cell therapy.

More potent treatments for psychiatric disorders

Recent studies have revealed that mental illnesses may have their root in a damaged nervous system. While most mental illnesses like schizophrenia, bipolarity or depression can be kept under control with medical drugs, they do not have a specific treatment that could cure them completely.

Medical researchers believe that shortly most of the psychiatric disorders will be curable with the development of more potent medicine. Drugs that contain ketamine, as well as therapies that use low-field magnetic stimulation are currently tested against common mental ailments.

Molecular intervention

The current brain surgery techniques involve physical interventions and lengthy procedures, which are not always 100% successful. However, shortly doctors could determine neurological disorders and brain damage through image-guided molecular interventions. This method will use ultrasound therapy and MRI scans to identify and treat various forms of brain damage down to its molecular level.