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Does Provillus cause side effects?

Does Provillus cause side effects?

We are used to check for side effects when taking a new medicine, whether it is a prescribed drug or an over-the-counter treatment. It goes exactly the same for balding remedies. Some of them are known to produce severe adverse reactions like rashes, infections and even further hair loss. These are usually fake products that have no reparatory action on your dying follicles.

Fortunately, with Provillus you do not have to worry about these issues or any other type of negative consequences. This product is composed of natural ingredients only, like plant oils, vitamins, enzymes and minerals. These are all free of synthetic compounds, which make them very easy to assimilate by the human body. To allow your threads to grow back you need to follow a continual treatment for at least six months.

Causes and effects of hair loss

For centuries people have thought that hair loss is a permanent illness. Thanks to modern medicine, today we know that this condition is perfectly reversible as long as we know what caused it. One very common reason for balding is the bad health and maintenance of your body. If you fail to provide your metabolism with the right amount of nutrients you will see your wellness decrease rapidly.

The first sign of this will be losing your threads in large bulks. With https://www.provillus.org/ you can combat this problem by nourishing your decaying follicles back to life. This product is renowned for its highly-potent formula of invigorating vitamins and compounds guaranteed to sustain the stable regrowth of your mane.

The effects of shedding are not only the changes to your physical appearance. Being bald also means being more exposed to fungus, infections and sunburns. If you have already been suffering from alopecia for a long time, you would be glad to know that you can completely cure your condition. By taking the Provillus product designed specifically for your gender you can alleviate the symptoms of balding and regenerate your scalp to full health. This way, in little under a year you can enjoy having a full head of hair once again.

The side effects of Provillus

Until now, Provillus has been used successfully by balding patients across the world. A recent survey made among these former sufferers of hair loss has revealed the complete lack of any side effects. This is mainly due to the long period of time that this treatment for shedding has been under clinical testing. The researchers have spent many years and resources in developing a remedy for baldness that would come free of any negative consequences. The end result is a 100% safe medication that you can take to get back your crowning glory.

There are several stages of hair regrowth that you will go through while using Provillus. The first one will be the revival of your follicles, which will start producing new threads in areas where you thought you would never cover again. The next will be the strengthening of all your roots, which will lead to stronger locks that will break and fall harder. After your last bald spot is capped, the nourishing effect of this product will form a voluminous mane, which you can maintain by continuing the treatment for a prolonged period of time.

What is Batten Disease?

Batten disease is an infrequent neurodegenerative illness that affects infants, young children, and juveniles and that is always fatal.


The first signs of Batten disease appear within the first 10 years of life. During this period the child may develop various medical conditions that affect his vision, his natural movement or his speech. 


Batten disease is a neurodegenerative disorder that is inherited through an autosomal recessive process. This means that even if the parents are not carriers of the destructive gene, they can still transfer it to one or more of their children

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Innovative treatments for neurological disorders

Innovative treatments for neurological disorders

The nervous system is one of the most fragile components of human anatomy. A medical condition that might affect this structure can permanently change your life. The aspect that makes neurological disorders so frightening is that they can affect several areas of your body, such as the brain, the muscle nerves or the spinal cord.

The traditional methods of curing neurological disorders include physiotherapy, pain killers or lifestyle modifications among others. However, the latest medical breakthroughs have brought a high number of innovative treatments that can prevent and remedy several conditions that affect the nervous system.

Early cures for Alzheimer’s disease

One of the medical conditions that affect more and more people every year is Alzheimer’s disease. This illness damages the patient’s nervous system, and it harms his thinking capacity, as well as the ability to create and store new memories. Unfortunately, doctors can diagnose this disease only after it had settled in, and the lack of a definitive treatment may lead to dementia.

Recently, the medical field has come up with a new series of experimental drugs and biomarkers that can determine a person’s predisposition to Alzheimer’s disease. By finding the first signs of this ailment, doctors could prevent it from spreading, and even cure it up to the point where it no longer damages the nervous system.

Stem cell therapy

The slow but steady degeneration of cells in the human brain leads to medical conditions that affect us at an older age. Illnesses like Parkinson’s disease, sclerosis, and dementia can severely affect a person’s judgment and mental capacity. Fortunately, doctors have a plan to treat these ailments in the future by using stem cell therapy.

Scientists have discovered that once our bodies lose the ability to produce new cells in various organs, the only way to regenerate this process is by transplanting new cells, which in turn can multiply through mitosis. This treatment has already been used to treat minor forms of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases, and doctors hope that more illnesses will be easy to cure shortly with the help of stem cell therapy.

More potent treatments for psychiatric disorders

Recent studies have revealed that mental illnesses may have their root in a damaged nervous system. While most mental illnesses like schizophrenia, bipolarity or depression can be kept under control with medical drugs, they do not have a specific treatment that could cure them completely.

Medical researchers believe that shortly most of the psychiatric disorders will be curable with the development of more potent medicine. Drugs that contain ketamine, as well as therapies that use low-field magnetic stimulation are currently tested against common mental ailments.

Molecular intervention

The current brain surgery techniques involve physical interventions and lengthy procedures, which are not always 100% successful. However, shortly doctors could determine neurological disorders and brain damage through image-guided molecular interventions. This method will use ultrasound therapy and MRI scans to identify and treat various forms of brain damage down to its molecular level.

What can you do?


We host many events to raise awareness about Batten disease and give support to people affected by it


Provide care and support to all the children affected by this disease by contributing with a small sum of money to help advance research


Be part of this movement by helping us with the awareness raising events we organize monthly

Finding new ways of treating incurable diseases

Finding new ways of treating incurable diseases

Medicine has come a long way from its traditional, shamanistic form to present day heart transplant surgery or brain interventions. Nevertheless, some diseases are still incurable, and medical researchers invest a lot of time and resources in developing proper remedies. The latest studies show that their efforts will soon be substantially rewarded, and what we believed to be untreatable illnesses will one day have a quick and easy cure.

New ways of treating brain cancer

Doctors believe that brain tumors are most likely the result of neurodegenerative disorders. Current treatments involve the use of invasive surgeries and chemotherapy sessions. Unfortunately, these methods have a small chance of success, and therefore brain cancer remains an incurable disease for now.

Medical research is trying hard to change this reality, and it is currently working on a set of treatments that could bring relief to brain cancer patients. These cures involve electricity and light molecules to access the brain with minimal interventions or even without physical surgery. The current prototypes are known as electroceuticals are small devices that can be applied to the skin to treat brain damage.

Boost your immunity against tumors

One of the primary causes for tumor formation is the inability of your immune system to identify and destroy cancer cells before they affect an organ. Scientists believe that they have found a way to prevent the development of tumors with the help of intravenous immunomodulators. These devices can block the proteins that cancerous cells use to journey through the body. A small implant can increase your immunity and severely diminish the chances of suffering from terminal cancer.

Alleviating lung disorders

Lung cancer is one of the primary causes of death almost everywhere in the world. While medical scientists have not yet found a cure for this disease, they might have found a suitable solution for another damaging lung disorder: idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. This ailment affects the lungs up to the point where they become stiff and create severe respiratory problems.

Recently, a team of researchers from the McMaster University in Germany, led by Dr. Martin Kolb has developed a treatment that reduces the effects of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis with as much as 50%. The cure is in the form of an experimental drug for now, but shortly it is expected to be produced and delivered on a pharmaceutical scale.

Using ultrasounds to identify diseases

Technology and modern medicine go hand in hand. Their current progress has led to the creation of several treatments and methods used to cure various illnesses. For the diseases that now appear to be incurable, doctors believe that ultrasound technology has a strong word to say on this matter and they are currently using it to develop new remedies.

Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other psychiatric disorders could be identified with transcranial ultrasound scanning. This technology enables surgeons to examine the condition of the tissue deep within the body, where cancerous cells may hide. This type of treatment could revolutionize medicine and the way we see incurable diseases today.

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